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Crash - Snayke95 - 02-19-2022

Bonjour je suis français et je rencontre beaucoup de crash, J'ai testé tous ce que vous avait dit, mais je crash toujours autant comment régler cela? 
Payé 20€ un Maphack qu'on peut utilisé 5 minutes c'est abusé

RE: Crash - admin - 02-26-2022

disable vertical sync in game setting
make sure no conflicting overlays are running but you will want to disable line reveal in zhipei setting by pressing delete key and unchecking it

you do not need the maphack enabled in zhipei to use the auto travel features or any of the other features, if you want an overlay maphack with less intrusive map display so no crashes please download our overlay maphack
you can use it with the zhipei