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D2Revamped 1.0 Launch - admin - 02-12-2022

Download link: https://fish.safe-club.ru/D2R/D2Revamped1.0.rar

Please note all d2rassist users will get this free upgrade at no extra cost even though the price is now double for this bot we will let users who have their current bot membership keep the locked in pricing and their key will work on d2revamped as d2rassist is discontinued.

RE: D2Revamped 1.0 Launch - jmosh87 - 02-13-2022

does this only work with an active Zhi Pei Dominate Tool account?

disregard, just found my answer...

RE: D2Revamped 1.0 Launch - admin - 02-13-2022

we will have the stand alone routines without zhipei required added at a later time but our goal is currently to have the zhipei functionality routines released first. it's a great bot that first started as a standalone bot without zhipei usage so it can be done yes.