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  ZhiPei Launch Instructions
Posted by: admin - 01-10-2022, 09:55 PM - Forum: Zhi Pei Setup Guides & Tutorials - Replies (4)

hello everyone, let's go over a simple way to setup zhi pei and have it working, if you are a laptop user you may want to test out zhipei trial using an external monitor display as the primary display (not mirrored) to get it working some laptop have error with line drawing of maphack.

To get started 

disable all overlay (steam - discord - nvidia - radeon - ALL overlay)

make folder for change name inside C:\ (not everyone use zhipei maybe blizz look for folder :eyes: )
example = C:\testzhi
put hack inside folder is just make

if can see loader.dat file DELETE file

start d2r
wait for video is start play

start zhipei.exe for admin permission - this is not need but just for make sure there is no war

enter key - make sure it have no SPACE or extra character
example key = 1234-4321-1234-4321-1234-4321-1234

when hack is load can press DELETE for change hack option

if game is crash when hack is load make sure check all step above
if after check all step hack is making crash again tell seller

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  9.5.5 Bugs
Posted by: smashingstuff6 - 01-09-2022, 10:20 AM - Forum: Report Bug - No Replies

Just some bugs I found
Setup is with a hammerdin
*alot of the time it wont teleport to lower levels when going for andy, and ends up playing out the sequence to kill andy at the cat2 wp, eventually exiting back to the lobby.
*once at andy the bot teleports you near andy then decides to use bc/bo while being attacked by andy.
*with meph the bot dosent teleport close enough to meph, which gives my merc a chance to run up to meph making him stay out of the range of my hammers making me unable to kill him.
*my start/stop timer dosent work (didnt work on 9.3 either) i can select 10pm start/11pm stop time and as long as it is in between those times it will start straight away, but it wont stop on the stop time and just continues to run until i stop it myself. also it wont start up at set time if the time is before the start time.

hope this helps for next update

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Star [Request] - Bigger, Better Itemlist
Posted by: Zuular - 01-08-2022, 03:51 PM - Forum: Discussion - No Replies

Hi Guys,
i was wondering if you could make the itemlist.ini from the "normal" bot, not the
ZhiPei Hack, just from the normal Bot, a little bit bigger.
Add some Stuff like this here for yellow rare drops an more eth Bases
it would be very important for the "only bot" user cause they have trouble running
ZhiPei Hack on a notebook and have no Desktop PC
Cause if you put it actually put this into the itemlist.ini, the bot wont pick it up







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Rainbow Turbo Hammerdin fastest kill rotation & all boss setup
Posted by: oceankenz - 01-07-2022, 12:20 PM - Forum: Bot Setup Guides & Tutorials - No Replies

First start with stats:
Str - Enough to wear engima and gear
Dex - Enough for max block 75%
Vit - after two above all points on VIT
Int - none

[Image: Skills.jpg]

Bot setup:
[Image: 1st.jpg]

In term of skill you just want to make sure what skill you binding match with bot setup for example:
I use Vigor and add to key PreCast (in town) to minimal times consuming running around town.
[Image: 2-2st.jpg]
[Image: 2st.jpg]

Time Select to suit you but if you want 23 hours grinding always put from and to 1 hour behind as below:
[Image: 3rd.jpg]

Tick all or what ever you want to kill.
[Image: boss.jpg]

Item Pick
I use Zhipei to telepick
[Image: zei.jpg]
[Image: zz.jpg]

Extra can be add in Zhipei > itemgrab.ini
Under [misc] add below to pick up item base 1 = pick or 0 = ignore
[Image: misc.jpg]

[set] to pick up IK Armor
[Image: set.jpg]
Once add all item you want to loot press Del and click on "Load ItemGrab.ini" to update itemgrab list
[Image: load.jpg]

For high quality graphic faster internet speed you can try this in game setting for snapping respond 
[Image: sync.jpg]

Any question feel free to ask.

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  Waiting for Schedule...
Posted by: zezmage - 01-06-2022, 04:34 PM - Forum: Discussion - Replies (3)

Hello, I am trying out the bot but what ever time I choose it just exists the game and says its waiting for schedule...Can someone explain this to me?

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  game crashing when trying to teleport to location
Posted by: qegbyql - 01-05-2022, 11:55 PM - Forum: Report Bug - Replies (4)

Game crashing when trying to teleport to location with the auto-tele function. Is there a fix for this? It was working perfectly fine last night and nothing has changed as far as settings.

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Star Paladin Set-up Guide
Posted by: Noobazon - 01-05-2022, 03:03 AM - Forum: Bot Setup Guides & Tutorials - Replies (2)

Hello fellow Hammerdins.  This Current setup is what I use to make the bot perform at its most optimal efficiency. 
To begin let's with the Hammerdins Key Binds:  Please have them as the following:
[Image: unknown.png]

So now let's look at our key binds in game to double verify:
[Image: unknown.png]
Alright so far, we are looking good.

Let's move on to the next tab Time/Schedule:

Now NOTE: I run this bot with 1 hour down just to rest my computer.  However, I have multiple accounts, so my bot account only has one character on it. (JUST IN CASE.)
[Image: unknown.png]

Alrighty, next we have bosses... I did go Premium so it may be different for others but overall, there is nothing difficult about this part just pick the bosses you want your bot to complete.
[Image: unknown.png]

Items: I have everything turned off and only use Pick-it.  It's literally the best way to go so that your bot doesn't pick up trash items.
[Image: unknown.png]

Let's open the pick-it file and make sure that our bot will pick up the items we want to include gold.
[Image: unknown.png]
Please pay attention to the top of the notepad!
[Image: unknown.png]

Once you have completed and are satisfied with the list make sure you save it.

Next tab we are going to look at is Safe Config:

Note: Like I mentioned before the account I use and abuse. So, these settings may not be for everyone.  Set it to what you feel most comfortable: 
[Image: unknown.png]

Moving over to tab Extras:
[Image: unknown.png]
This is how I have it set up.  Make sure that you test your items that you integrated in your pick-it list, by dropping the item on the ground and seeing if it picks it up.  If it does not, please go back to your Pick-It list and make sure that it looks and flows like the rest of the text.  Remember don't add anything to it just change what you want from a 1 - 0 or vice versa.  (I STRESS THIS!)

Note: If your bot is having any issues, please remember that you have a fix it tab to assure that your bot is running how it is supposed to.

[Image: unknown.png]

This will adjust and correct any issues that make have been made upon user error.

Lastly, we have Zhipei:
[Image: unknown.png]

Make sure that this button is checked Yes!

Note: This is version 9.3.

Information that has been submitted may be subject to change in the future.

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  biggest issue i see is that if game restarts there is no way to choose character
Posted by: qegbyql - 01-05-2022, 01:59 AM - Forum: Report Bug - No Replies

biggest issue i see is that if game restarts there is no way to choose character

Bot needs to be able to choose the correct character if it restarts game

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  Run Hours?
Posted by: arxass - 01-03-2022, 10:46 PM - Forum: Bot Setup Guides & Tutorials - Replies (2)

Hi, how to set up run hours correctly?
Whatever i do with hours, its just waiting for schedule...


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  Version Number
Posted by: Wolkenputzer - 01-03-2022, 05:21 PM - Forum: Zhi Pei Discussion - Replies (1)

It will be nice if i can see the version number.
and it is up to date

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