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Full Version: Please follow these Video Settings for D2R
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Hey guys, these are the video settings you need to follow in order to make D2R Assist work properly.

-Resolution has to be set to 1920x1080 on your monitor and in game.
-Full Screen needs to be enabled.
-The size of apps and text should be set to 100%.
-HDR should be set to off.
-Large font mode should be disabled.
-ALL overlays must be turned off. Example: Discord has an overlay, and so does Geforce.
-Anti Virus and Firewall must be turned off or they will flag the bot and remove files that need to be there. (You can also make exceptions for these files so that they are ignored)
-You must always start in Act 5.
-You may have to turn your resolution scaling down in the options in game.

You will use these same settings whether you are using a sorc or pally.
The image below shows where the HDR setting is located. The overlay locations for Discord and GeForce are attached below also.
hey great job with the instructions, please contact me to get a free monthly key for contributing. I will have you know that the new update that installs color mod for boss detection is ready

enjoy new targeting system, combat routines, class selection, you should see bosses as pink now. new routine added: countess very fast routine. All misc bugs have been fixed with andy/meph farming by revamping much of the code.

Hi please download the new d2revamped bot from the members area, this guide is no longer relevant. https://fish.safe-club.ru/D2R/D2Revamped1.0.rar