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Full Version: Turbo Hammerdin fastest kill rotation & all boss setup
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First start with stats:
Str - Enough to wear engima and gear
Dex - Enough for max block 75%
Vit - after two above all points on VIT
Int - none

[Image: Skills.jpg]

Bot setup:
[Image: 1st.jpg]

In term of skill you just want to make sure what skill you binding match with bot setup for example:
I use Vigor and add to key PreCast (in town) to minimal times consuming running around town.
[Image: 2-2st.jpg]
[Image: 2st.jpg]

Time Select to suit you but if you want 23 hours grinding always put from and to 1 hour behind as below:
[Image: 3rd.jpg]

Tick all or what ever you want to kill.
[Image: boss.jpg]

Item Pick
I use Zhipei to telepick
[Image: zei.jpg]
[Image: zz.jpg]

Extra can be add in Zhipei > itemgrab.ini
Under [misc] add below to pick up item base 1 = pick or 0 = ignore
[Image: misc.jpg]

[set] to pick up IK Armor
[Image: set.jpg]
Once add all item you want to loot press Del and click on "Load ItemGrab.ini" to update itemgrab list
[Image: load.jpg]

For high quality graphic faster internet speed you can try this in game setting for snapping respond 
[Image: sync.jpg]

Any question feel free to ask.